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Like with most things involving DIY, it turns out that there’s quite a lot to know about window screen installation. From building your custom window screen to knowing which window screen parts to buy, there are always pros and cons to weigh up before deciding on whether a self-install is worth it, or if it’s easier to call in a professional.

What Type of Window Screens Are There?

There was a time when window screens and storm doors were made of steel. The aluminum mesh then became standard, and nowadays, fiberglass is increasingly popular.

Solar screens are the latest advancement in technology, and many people opt for these for their window screen installation. Solar screens are made from a polyester weave with a PVC tint on the outside, giving them a darker appearance than traditional screens. This is great for privacy, as well as energy efficiency, as you can save money on your air conditioning.

The way solar screens work is that they reflect the sun’s UV light, so your room doesn’t get too hot – while still letting in enough natural light and air for you to feel that you’re in touch with nature and the surrounding elements.

Finer mesh screen screens are also an option worth exploring, as these prevent tiny insects, as well as pollen and allergens, from entering your home.

Why Install A Window Screen?

The reasons for considering a window screen installation include considerable energy saving (less use of the HVAC), and the long-term savings you’ll enjoy from not having to resurface your soft furnishings. In addition, with all your curtains, drapes, and furniture being less exposed to direct sunlight, your fabrics won’t fade.

Then there’s the added privacy (especially if you go with solar screens) that prevents people from seeing into your home. Lastly, let’s not forget the most practical reason of all: keeping out flying insects, mosquitoes, and other bothersome critters!


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Should I Self-install?

If you’re looking to self-install, you’ll need a 4-in-1 screwdriver, a cordless drill, scissors and a screen roller. This is also known as a spline tool. A spline tool has only one job: to put the spline into the frame!

Spline is the vinyl cording that fixes your screening material into the frame. You can’t get away with using, for example, a pizza roller, as the edges are too sharp. So take into account the specific tools you’ll need to avoid amateur hour if you decide that window screen installation is something you want to try on your own.

The metal frames come in varying degrees of thickness, depending on whether you have single or double-hung windows. Some screens may need a crossbar for added strength. This all depends on the elements that you’re up against. Harsh winds or strong rains where you live will mean that you’ll need to install your screens for maximum sturdiness.

Your local hardware store may be able to advise you on additional window screen parts for your particular setup. Fiberglass and aluminum screen material come in rolls, so you’ll need to carefully measure all the windows that need screens before you get going. It’s then easy enough to cut the material to the right size if you’re looking to fit a custom window screen.

If you are just considering screening one or two windows, then home improvement stores do sell starter kits – Although, the choice of colors and materials is often limited.

What are the Benefits of a Professional Installation?

The benefit of a professional installation is that the person on the job will quickly size up your property and offer you solid advice along with their quotation. They’ll provide you with advice on aspects such as the right kind of screen to withstand a pet’s claws, for example.

There’s a practical element to installing a window screen correctly that is worth getting right, and then there’s also the aesthetics. You don’t want the look of your beautiful home being compromised by an oddly-hung window screen in a generic color.

Hurst Glass and Screen is a family-owned business providing top-quality service and professional advice to the locals of Fort Worth, Dallas, and surrounding areas. Our estimates are free, and we’re here to help you make the right choice for your window screen installation.

So before you go splashing out on a window screen roller and other gear that will clutter up your toolshed, give us a call at 817-282-9121 for professional window screen installation services.

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  1. Elle Jones on August 9, 2023 at 2:30 pm

    I appreciate how you explained how solar screens function, reflecting the sun’s UV rays to keep your room from being too hot yet letting in enough natural light and air to let you feel in tune with the environment. This will be a terrific option for my mother, who wants window coverings that will assist us find an energy-efficient solution. I appreciate you sharing this, and I will inform her about this kind of retractable window screen.

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