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If you need to repair the glass of a broken window you may be wondering if you should do-it-yourself (DIY) or hire a professional. This blog will cover the key factors to take into account when considering glass and window repair


Here’s everything you need to know about window glass repair, the types of damage that are DIY-repairable, and when to call for help.


Should You Do DIY Glass Repair or Not?


Yes, you can DIY glass and window repair but remember you can’t do it for all types of broken glass. Many have cracks and damage that can be easily repaired, especially if the cracks are minor. If you find dings or signs of temperature stress on your windows, it’s best to address the problem ASAP. However, if the damage has become too big, it’s best to call professional glass repair for help.

If you attempt to repair or replace your window glass, there are several factors you need to consider first. These factors include the type of glass, the repairs you can do, and the situations requiring you to repair your window.


What Are the Common Types of Window Glass?


One of the essential details to pay attention to concerning glass and window repair is the type of glass to use for your home windows. The following are the most common types of home window glass:

  1. Float Glass

This glass is in its most basic form, and it still needs cutting and other treatments. Nevertheless, it’s low-cost, versatile, and colorless. The downside: it can break into sharp, dangerous shards.

  1. Obscured glass

It’s the type of glass for rooms where you need privacy, like the bathroom, for instance. It lets light pass, but it’s impossible to see through.

  1. Tinted Glass

An alternate to obscured glass – the tint affords some hiding from view. It blocks some visibility and light but not as entirely as obscured glass.

  1. Tempered Glass

This type of glass is best suited for low windows, bigger windows, and those located in busy areas of the home. It’s stronger than float glass, and it’s safer due to the tempering process.

  1. Low-E Glass

This glass is perfect for places where it gets too hot during summer. This glass’s special coating is applied to reflect heat to avoid getting into your home. Its only downside is the cost.

  1. Insulated Glass

If you want to keep the heat out but need a budget-friendly option, this type of glass is better. It’s used to double or triple-pane windows. The downside is that you lose a certain amount of insulation if one pane breaks.

  1. Laminated Safety Glass

Laminated glass is excellent for making windows hurricane-proof since they don’t break easily. It’s the same type of glass on car windshields. It’s pricey but valuable for homes in hurricane country.


What Types of Glass Repairs Can I DIY?


As mentioned earlier, you can only DIY glass and window repair if the damage isn’t too dire. So if you see a small ding or tiny crack on the glass, the first thing you should do is to prevent it from getting much larger.

One of the most straightforward repairs you can do is to put tape over the damaged portion of your window. It’s not the final solution, but it can hold things together while you prepare a solution or until you call in the professionals.

If you go at it alone, you’re going to need a two-part epoxy, consisting of a hardener and a resin. This mixture is applied over the damaged glass to help seal off the crack. Note that it won’t make the crack go completely invisible. You’ll still see it from different angles.

Apart from mending cracks, there is more seriously damaged glass that you may repair. In such instances, you will have to replace the entire pane with the cracked window. To do repairs of this type, you will need to do the following:

  1. Remove the broken glass including the putty securing it on the windowpane.
  2. Remove glazing points
  3. If needed, oil and repair the window frame
  4. Before installing the new glass, clean the frame’s interior and apply fresh putty
  5. Install the new glass, affix it with additional putty and add glazier points

As a caveat, make sure to put on safety gear before handling broken glass. There is a high risk of injury when doing these repairs.


In What Situations Should I Repair My Window?


Certain situations merit DIY glass and window repair. They include the following:


  1. Looking to save money on an energy bill?

Warped frames and cracked glass reduce the energy efficiency of your home. They also compromise the integrity of your entire window. We described earlier how cracked glass can be repaired even without professional help.


  1. Upgrade the climate control in your home.

Use tinted glass to keep your home warmer during winter and cooler during summer. It reradiates solar energy reducing the amount of heat building up in your home. You can also double and triple pane windows for better temperature control. Replace aluminum frames with vinyl windows or fiberglass, which are the most energy efficient panes.


  1. When will I need a replacement versus repair?

If the damage on the glass is minimal and you’re dealing with small cracks and scratches, then you can repair it yourself. However, if the cracks have run across the entire pane or when the glass already has a hole on it, then it will need to be replaced.


  1. Is there a water leak or damage to the window frame?

If you see leaks or water pooling under your window, it could mean the frame is damaged. One of the most common reasons for these leaks is damaged caulk or missing sealant. If that is the case, replace your window’s caulking. Caulking kits are inexpensive and only cost you less than $20 on Amazon.


When To Call for Professional Help


Remember that cleaning, handling, repairing, and replacing broken glass windows is dangerous. If the damage is significant enough to make you need to wear gloves or other safety gear, it’s best to call for professional glass repair instead. If applying resin or other material doesn’t fix the problem, then it’s always best to call in a professional glass repair and replacement team.

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