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Dallas homeowners already have to balance many chores around the house. So repairing a broken window screen shouldn’t be a hassle you have to deal with on your own. Apart from adding aesthetic value, glass window screens add security and privacy to your home and help to maintain the overall value of the property. We’ll cover the top signs you need window screen repair in Dallas, what to do when your window screen breaks, and who to call.

When Would You Need Window Screen Repair Dallas?

You need to look out for several signs to determine if you need window glass repair. But, first, consider the following indications:

  • Water Gets Into the House Through a Closed Window: Sometimes, you’ll notice that rainwater still gets into your home even though all the windows are closed. You may see damp areas where mold tends to grow during the rainy season. It may be due to broken or cracked glass or a damaged frame. It’s a quick way to tell if you need window screen repair Dallas services.
  • Windows Become Difficult to Open and Close: Some windows get more challenging to open or close as the seasons change. When this happens, you’ll need the services of a window screen repair Dallas technician. The hinges, slides, and other window parts must be checked and repaired. A broken window or frame will result in reduced energy efficiency, which means you will end up paying a higher energy bill.
  • Windows Getting Foggy: Remember that energy-efficient windows tend to dry quickly after the rain. Even if it doesn’t rain or during colder weather, they remain dry. When windows get cloudy or foggy, it means air is seeping through some gaps in your windows. These gaps need to be sealed by an experienced window glass repair technician.

Why Do I Need To Replace My Window Screen?

There are several reasons you will need to replace your window screen. Repairing it may be feasible, but there are circumstances where getting a replacement window is the better option.

One reason could be that the entire window setup could be broken. Some of the signs you should look for are leaks forming around or in the window area. You may have patched up the window frame, or maybe you have applied epoxy resins on the cracked glass. However, despite your best effort, water or air still gets in, and thus you see moisture and damp areas forming in the walls and window sills.

At Hurst Glass and Screen, we offer energy-saving solutions to broken windows that will last a long time. Our services cover both commercial and residential window screen repair and replacement. We provide unmatched services in Dallas, Fort Worth, and surrounding areas.

What Are the Signs That It Needs To Be Replaced?

When there’s severe damage to your windows, they will need to be replaced. Small scratches and minor defects can be repaired, but when you see the following signs, you should call a window repair technician as soon as possible:

  • You already have broken glass or a damaged screen
  • Your windows are stained or have an off-color hue
  • Your energy bill is too high compared to the previous months

Another sometimes overlooked reason to replace your windows is when their style is already outdated, and they have a poor curb appeal. Upgrading your windows adds value to your home.

What Should Dallas Homeowners Look For

Homeowners in Dallas should look for telltale signs that their windows are in desperate need of repair or replacement. We know that summers in this city can get extremely hot, affecting glass screens. The temperature here can range from 39°F to 96°F, rarely going below 26°F. Remember that the heat affects the integrity of the windows. It can cause cracks and deformities in the frame and glass. Apart from that, thunderstorms and harsh weather can affect a window’s strength. All of these factors contribute to the degradation of the structural integrity of your windows.

What Are the Types of Window Screens Available?

At Hurst Glass and Screen, we offer a variety of windows screen solutions constructed using different materials. Our team can install aluminum, stainless steel, polyester, copper bronze, fiberglass, and brass screens.

Some of our most sought-after screen offerings include the following:

  • Assembled custom bug screens
  • Custom pet screens
  • Custom solar screens

Professional Window Screen Repair and Replacement Services Hurst and Glass

You don’t have to repair a glass window screen on your own, it can be difficult and dangerous without the right tools and experience at your disposal. Hurst Glass and Screen has provided excellent and reliable installation, replacement and repair services for over 30 years. We are a trusted brand in the DFW area, and we now offer our outstanding products online. Call today or fill out this form to get your free estimate today.

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