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Most of us welcome summer with open arms. It means backyard barbecues, lazy days spent at the pool, and picnics in your favorite park. But sometimes summer brings stifling days. The days can be so hot that you need to crank up the air conditioning and leave it running all day long.

If you’re trying to reduce your air conditioning usage and generally just prefer a warm summer breeze blowing through your home, perhaps it’s time to consider solar screens for your windows and doors. These will keep your home cooler, reduce the glare, save you money, and make your home look attractive too.

In the post, we answer the questions, what are solar screens, and do solar screens work by looking at their functions, material, and benefits.


What are the Functions of Solar Screens?


Solar screens aim to prevent the sun’s harmful rays from passing through your windows. The resultant functions include a reduction in:


  • Light and heat: As the UV light hits the screen, the amount of light and heat that enters your home is reduced. This means you won’t need to run your air conditioning so high or all day.
  • Damage to textiles: Since the ultraviolet light is blocked, you won’t experience as much fading or damage to your soft furnishings.
  • Glare: With less bright light causing glare inside, your daytime movies or work in the home office will be much more enjoyable.
  • Visibility from outside: Solar screens are dark on the outside, which means it’s not easy to see into your home from the outside. This adds an element of privacy to your home.


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What are Solar Screens Made Out Of?


Generally speaking, solar screens are made of a tightly woven mesh material that is fastened with aluminum framing. The mesh is most often made of fiberglass and polyester. The mesh is rated by density, and you’re looking for at least 80% density for your solar screen fabric for windows. If you have a room that sees more than four hours of sunlight a day, it’s best to get screens rated at 90% density.


Do Solar Screens Work and What are Their Benefits?


They most certainly work, and their main benefit is that they are able to block out the heat and UV rays from sunlight while still allowing natural light to enter your home. But let’s look at their benefits in more detail here:


Blocking heat

It’s said that solar screens will block 65-90% of UV rays but only block visibility by up to 40% – depending on the material you choose when buying your solar screen. That means your home won’t feel dark and closed up, but it also won’t feel too hot and muggy.

Reducing air conditioning usage

Since less sunlight and heat are coming into your home, you won’t have to run your air conditioner as much or as high. This will help save energy and money by at least a third of your bill. Now that’s a win-win.

Allowing air to flow

A slight breeze flowing through your home on a warm day is just delightful and can help you feel more in touch with nature. You’re at home; you don’t want to feel as though you’re locked up in a cold work environment.

Providing protection from insects

Having a screen over your windows and doors will help keep those unwanted pests outside. No more mosquitos and crawling bugs coming into your home and making your skin crawl and itch.

Lowering energy costs

Because solar screens are made with a simple frame and mounting hardware, they are relatively inexpensive. And they can be made to fit any window or door, no matter the size or shape.


Other benefits include:

  • You will still have excellent outward visibility
  • Additional protection for your windowpane glazing, therefore increasing longevity
  • Screens help create a flame- and pet-resistant window
  • Provides extra insulation for the winter
  • Screens can help filter the amount of dust that enters your home
  • They allow for great ventilation
  • Screens will come with a warranty, but some will last up to 15 years without replacement


Choose solar screens for your windows and doors this summer, and you’ll feel the reduction in suffocating heat instantly, along with their many other benefits.


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